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    Home for Hugs from Heaven

    Nana's House is a safe place for children in Tepic Mexico.

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A Safe Place For Children

Founded in 2008, Nana's House consists of three wonderful homes that enjoy the privilege seeing the children the world throws away turned into world changers.

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Nana's House Offers:

Education First

Every child in Nana's is taught to read and write and provided a great education

Christian Values

Nana's Children spend much of their time in church and in learning the word of God.

Needs Met

Every child receives food, clothing and housing we would give to our own children.

Talents Developed

Nana's House enjoys watching each child grow in their personal talent.

Future Prospectss

With La Fuente Ministries Bible Institute and great collage opportunities each child has a path to sucsess .


Nana's House is a safe place from the storms of abuse and destructive cycles that have ruin many children.