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We have many ways you can personaly be involved in the the childrens lives.

From sponsoring a child personally, visiting and supporting monthly there are many ways you can help.


We have a problem here in Mexico. Many uneducated parents pull their children out of school and put them to work in the streets. They think it’s better for them to beg in the streets or work than to attend school. A child who cannot read or write has no future. Our goal in Nana’s House is to break the pattern of poverty and insist children go to school. Most of the children that are on the street past 12 years old are pulled into prostitution. At 14 years old the girls become pregnant and by sixteen they have a sexually transmitted disease and are addicted to drugs. Every child that ends up in Nana’s House goes to school and learns a skill to have a better future. We are seeing lives changed forever.

There are always costs involved with school. These costs can be significant at different times of the year. Help us make sure these children have the best educational experience possible.


We are starting a sponsorship program. So many people have asked how they can be involved in a more personalized way. Sponsoring a child gives you the opportunity to be a part of the child’s life.

Give a child a better future by sponsoring them and helping us fund Nana’s House. The child you choose to sponsor will give you updates four times a year, and you are welcome to correspond with them. This will be monitored by Nana’s House staff for safety reasons. You can write in English, and we will translate as needed.


Bring A Team! La Fuente Ministries has been providing cross-cultural experiences for church groups for many years. We are set up to receive teams, have you help at Nana’s House, facilitate mission work, and provide many other outreach opportunities.
We will work with you in how to organize a team and help you with whatever you may need to bring a group.

10924 Oro Vista Ave.
Sunland, CA 91040

Phone:  (818) 237 3805
Mexican Cell +52 (311) 103 3286